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SAL Scholarship Program 2021 – Be the salt and light of the world!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This year, National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company – N.H.O JSC – continues to develop and sponsor the SAL Scholarship Program, with a vision to train talented and compassionate future leaders of Viet Nam. SAL scholars not only have their college/university tuition fee covered, but they also have the opportunity to discover and develop their fullest talents and strengths through a Mentoring Program and various skills training programs.

SAL stands for "Salt and Light" and also symbolizes the three elements "Serve - Achievement - Leadership" with the desire to help students not only grow in knowledge but also in their dignity. They will be responsible for themselves, their families, and their community.

After screening and interviewing the applicants, the SAL Scholarship Program found 6 talented and excellent new students. These students have demonstrated that in addition to good academic records, they also have a compassionate heart and have actively participated in community activities throughout their student life.

The program held its first meeting with the new scholars – affectionately known as “Mentees” – on September 27, 2021. Although it was not possible to meet face-to-face with them due to COVID-19, the meeting was enjoyed by all the participants. Each of the six students are unique, with a unique hometown, personality, and identity – but after receiving the scholarship, they have all become a part of the “SAL family.” All of the scholars have committed to respecting and helping each other to become a strong community, with the same desire and dream to achieve great things in their character and knowledge.

SAL Scholarship Program 2021 is even more special than last year, because we have the cooperation of the senior managers from multiple departments of the National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company (N.H.O. JSC). They have joined our team of Mentors to come alongside our students on their journey. It is such a joy to have them, and a great honor for the program.

With enthusiasm and leadership, the Mentor will become a guide, a shining mirror beside the Mentee, allowing the students to gradually realize that “The greatest luck in life is not just getting a scholarship, but having someone who can lead you to higher standards on your own journey.”


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