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Welcoming the 4th class of the SAL scholarship program!

Continuing to carry out its mission of training talented and compassionate future leaders of Vietnam, this year, SAL is delighted to welcome 6 new students after going through a thorough evaluation process.

With comprehensive tuition support, the Mentoring program, and experiential activities, SAL is increasingly attracting the attention of candidates, successfully bringing the total number of scholars to 17.

On October 12, 2023, the 2023 SAL Scholarship awarding ceremony took place, welcoming 6 new students - 6 excellent students who officially became new members of the SAL family.

Empathy - Warmth - Closeness - those were the emotions of everyone attending. Seeing the confidence, happiness, and pride clearly shown on the faces of students and their families, we believe even more that they will become "arrows" with clear directions and goals, strongly conquering every destination.

SAL hopes that in the journey ahead, the "fires" will gradually be lit and passions will gradually be nurtured with the close companionship of the SAL Scholarship Committee.


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