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Love starts in the kitchen

Education is one of the areas that N.H.O company focuses on, with the belief that education can help completely change the life of any child. In the early stages of a child's life, nutrition plays a key role in physical and brain development.

Hoa Binh Kindergarten is a public kindergarten with 2 schools: the central school located in Dong La village and the independent school located in Thac Cat village, both in Hoa Binh commune - a commune in a difficult area of ​​the city. Ha Long City has 92.7% of the Dao Thanh Phan ethnic group, but most students have a desire to go to school. In particular, at the kindergarten in Thac Cat village, before the kitchen was built, teachers had to cook rice at the central school and then drive several kilometers to bring the rice to the retail [PS1] school, which was very inconvenient and difficult, especially when it was rainy, windy, cold or stormy.

Therefore, the kitchen, jointly sponsored by N.H.O and Handong, promises to contribute to providing filling and nutritious meals, bringing encouragement to teachers and students.

After about 3 months of construction, the kitchen was completed at the end of October 2023 with a spacious and clean kitchen. The total cost was around 500 million VND.

On the morning of November 3, 2023, at the kitchen in Hoa Binh Kindergarten (the school in Thac Cat village), the kitchen inauguration ceremony took place with the participation of local leaders and leaders of N.H.O Company and Handong Company, with 100 students and teachers attending.

The kindergarten kitchen at Thac Cat - Hoa Binh is one of a series of sustainable community activities that N.H.O carries out to contribute to society and future generations of the area.

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