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Students who require financial support for their education and show:


1. Potential to succeed in higher education based on a proven record of academic excellence and responsibility 

2. Compassion for their community demonstrated through their service and contribution toward social causes


• Proven record of academic excellence and responsibility (minimum GPA at high school: 7.0) 

• Demonstrated commitment to society (service activities, volunteering, etc.) 

• Strong moral character (shown via teacher references and recommendation letters) 

• Family’s economic situation (parents’ jobs) 

• Special conditions (single-parent family, orphan, remote area, etc.) 

• Recommendation letters 

• Essay


  • The SAL scholarship will support up to 5 years tuition fee.

  • SAL Scholars must pass the annual scholarship review to continue receiving scholarship support each year. 


1. Mentorship opportunities with caring, experienced mentors with wide networks

2. Periodic enrichment and community-building activities 

3. Vibrant community of SAL Scholars for mutual support and  relationship building

4. Career opportunity at N.H.O and partner companies


Every August, the Scholarship Board will assess each SAL Scholars’ eligibility to receive scholarship support for the following year based on:

  • Active participation in the community: Engaged in the community throughout the year, whether volunteering with an NGO, participating in NHO service activities, or contributing to other social initiatives. Must submit an annual report on community engagement activities to the Scholarship Board​

  • Grade: Minimum GPA of 7.0

  • English skills: Demonstrate improvement each year

  • Mentor evaluation: Maintain positive attitude, strong work ethic, and healthy relationships


 Step 1 

Complete the scholarship application form & recommendation letter


 Step 2 

Submit the following documents via email: 

• Scholarship Application Form  

• Recommendation Letter 

• High School report card 

 Step 3 

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in an assessment followed by an interview with the SAL Scholarship Board


 Step 4 

Submit the following documents via email: 

• University/college acceptance letter 

• Tuition of university/college announcement 

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