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Workshop "Teaching Children to Protect Themselves from Abuse and Kidnapping" for Residents of the City Tower Project in Binh Duong

Building on the success of this workshop in Ho Chi Minh City and An Giang, N.H.O's CSR department, in collaboration with the Family Center of Alpha Plus Company, organized the workshop "Teaching Children to Protect Themselves from Abuse and Kidnapping" to provide parents and children with knowledge and skills to prevent abuse and kidnapping through playful activities, video learning, and discussions.

The workshop attracted 13 participants, including 7 parents and 6 children from the Citadines and City Tower Binh Duong project. The children learned principles of self-protection, how to identify private areas on their bodies, and skills to respond when encountering individuals with harmful intentions. After the workshop, a parent shared, "I was impressed with the games used to distinguish abuse, and the activities and lessons were very interesting and useful in helping my child develop skills to prevent abuse."


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