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Workshop "Stress Management - Self-care" for Preschool Teachers of Sunshine School

In the field of preschool education, N.H.O not only collaborates with schools to provide high-quality training programs for young children but also focuses on the mental health of preschool teachers. When educators maintain good physical and mental health, they can bring positive energy to children and serve as excellent role models for their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development.

Continuing its partnership with Anh Thai Duong Kindergarten at the Imperial Place apartment building in Binh Tan district, N.H.O's CSR department organized a workshop titled "Stress Management and Self-care" on June 15, 2024, for 13 teachers and staff members. During the program, participants gained a deeper understanding of stress, including its causes and the effects of toxic stress on their own health and that of the children. More importantly, after a day of training, the teachers learned more about their colleagues and developed strategies to manage and regulate their emotions in stressful situations both at work and in life. One teacher shared after the workshop: "I now understand emotions better and can assess my own health status. I also understand other people's emotions through their stories and know how to stay calm when I'm overly stressed."


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