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Project Life, an urgent humanitarian effort to provide Oxygen Support for COVID-19 patients

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

In 2020, the Vietnamese government was applauded for the swift and decisive measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19 within their borders. In 2021, however, that same COVID-19 containment strategy did not spare Vietnam from the Delta variant which has ravaged many other countries, bringing suffering and loss of life to many, particularly the under-served. Vietnam continues to combat the virus with medical infrastructure and resources fully deployed. With public healthcare capacity stretched, many who have contracted the virus have had to undergo home quarantine and manage their health conditions on a self-help basis.

It was during the peak of COVID-19 infections in September 2021 that Project Life was conceived. Olive Tree Estates Limited (OTE) and National Housing Organization JSC (NHO) partnered to support the “Social Medical Volunteer Group” (SMVG) and its oxygen machine loan program. The SMVG represents a ground-up initiative in Ho Chi Minh City and consists of a team of doctors and volunteers from the community who have been actively providing home-based COVID-19 patients with 24-hour teleconsultation, medication and Oxygen Concentrators.

With the assistance of OTE’s generous private donors, Project Life will see the procurement and rapid deployment of up to 100 Oxygen Concentrators of various capacities. These Oxygen Concentrators would be delivered to the homes of COVID-19 patients, providing life-giving relief and comfort. With the expertise and guidance of the SMVG medical team, home quarantined COVID-19 patients are provided with additional care and support via telemedicine, mental health counselling and medical supplements.

“For many of us at OTE, Vietnam is like a second home. It has pained us deeply to see the plight and suffering of the Vietnamese people and Project Life represents our humble effort to support the Vietnamese government’s efforts to provide relief in a time of great need and save as many lives as possible.” Daniel Long, Chief Executive Officer, Olive Tree Estates Limited.

“When we have first heard for this plan, we were very glad to be a part of it because we believe in serving the people and those in need in our community. For the past several months, when the Corona pandemic was at its peak, we have seen and were heartbroken by the fact that thousands of people were suffering, and even lost their lives. We are grateful and even feel honored that we could be a small support to the patients.” Andrew Park, Deputy Managing Director, National Housing Organization

“The Social Medical Volunteer Group is very grateful for the donation of Oxygen Concentrators from Olive Tree Estates. When we received the first 20 Oxygen Concentrators, all of us, doctors and the volunteer delivery team, were deeply encouraged. We were also very relieved when our patients could get help on time to rescue them. OTE and NHO are not only focussed on building up a strong business in providing affordable housing, but they also care about the Vietnamese community. We value and appreciate this heartfelt sympathy of OTE. We look forward to have a long-term collaboration together, to bring happiness and good health to the people of Vietnam.” Dr. Luu Thị Hoàng Anh, The Social Medical Volunteer Group.


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