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“Hi green – exchange plastic for trees” – for a sustainable future for the future

"HI GREEN - Exchange plastic for trees" is an environmental protection program organized by N.H.O Company in conjunction with the Women's Union of So Dau ward, Hong Bang district on November 4, 2023 at the Gem Park project, Hai Phong city.

Plastic waste pollution is one of the problems affecting the environment today in Vietnam. Plastic waste such as water bottles, single-use plastic, etc. takes hundreds of years to decompose

A free event was held in Hai Phong to help convey the message of environmental protection through recycling plastic to help create green, clean, beautiful, and safe spaces in So Dau ward and throughout Hai Phong. The event also worked to inspire attendees to incorporate recycling plastic waste into their daily lives, in order to actively contribute to building and protecting the environment anytime and anywhere.

The event had many meaningful activities such as:

- "Exchange plastic bottles for green plants" activity: people were encouraged to bring plastic bottles in exchange for a lovely succulent plant pot. After being collected, plastic bottles will be processed by the plastic waste recycling unit according to regulations.

- "Recycling plastic bottles" with Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Hoa activity: under the guidance of Ms. Hoa, each person made a lovely plant pot with the plastic bottle they brought.

- "Making a mosaic with plastic bottle caps" activity: participants worked together to complete a mosaic made from plastic bottle caps, spreading the message of working together to protect the ocean from plastic waste.

"HI GREEN - Exchange plastic for trees" is one of a series of environmental protection activities that N.H.O coordinates with residents and agencies to spread the message of environmental protection as well as encourage a sustainable lifestyle.


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