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Bình An Village – Small Efforts Creating Great Changes

In 2021, after learning about the difficulties faced by the Bru Vân Kiều community in Thuận commune, Hướng Hóa district, Quảng Trị province, N.H.O decided to build and donate the Bình An house—the first house built in this area—to Mr. Hồ A Chương, with the aim of supporting families who aspire to improve their lives and work with peace of mind.

After the first sturdy house was built, Mr. Chương's family's life became increasingly stable. Other families in the village followed suit, building new, more resilient houses. The concrete roads were extended, and the children enjoyed a vibrant new playground. All these efforts created a lively and thriving village.

Recognizing this significant transformation, we continued to explore the difficulties and essential needs of the local people, with the desire to further enhance the quality of life in this area. Continuing our collaboration with the Minh Trí Youth Start-Up Fund, we discovered that the area lacked proper sanitation facilities and that the residents did not have the habit of using toilets. Additionally, the absence of wells posed many challenges, as the villagers had to travel far to the river to collect water for daily use, cooking, etc. The water quality was unsafe, and collecting water during the rainy season was particularly dangerous.

To further support the Bru Vân Kiều community, we implemented the project "Building Community Toilets and Water Wells for Bình An Village." The project was completed with two toilet areas, each consisting of four separate toilets, and a drilled well with a water distribution system reaching each household. These facilities serve nearly 50 households in the area.

Seeing the bright eyes and radiant smiles of the children and residents as they used the fresh, clean water, we were even more convinced that our efforts to improve the lives of the Bru Vân Kiều people over the past four years have brought about truly positive changes.


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