Helping to develop gifted and compassionate future leaders of Vietnam

Helping students grow not only in knowledge but also in character so that they will develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, their families, and their communities.

S.A.L stands for Serve, Achieve, and Lead

"Sal" in Latin means “salt” (: Salt & Light)


Supporting dedicated and gifted college students who show potential for academic excellence and leadership. 



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February, 2021

On December, 2020 N.H.O ’s CSR Department received VND113,471,..

August, 2020

Again in the same year 2019, in September, NHO An Giang continues bring ‘Joy’ to children by providing them school supplies for school ...


November, 2020

This year, Central Vietnam has had to endure yet another summer of tragedies; three floods, four storms and a series of massive landslides...

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December, 2019

‘Going to School’ is an one program providing scholarships, bicycles and school supplies for ...

October 2020

Lộc's story: Be born and grow up in Vinh Long province, Loc lived with his mom and older sister. A hard life of 3 members couldn’t stop Loc’s study...


February, 2017

NHO An Giang supported the construction of Happy Kindergarten at Ton Duc Thang memorial area. Mekong One Company invested in the school ...